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The Problems

Do you know what is legally required in your HR files?

Do you know how New York State and Federal laws apply to your business?

Do you know what information you are required to provide to employees?

Do you consistently and effectively utilize corrective action?

The Solution

Employers are obligated to comply with New York State and Federal labor and employment laws. Ignorance of these requirements does not absolve an employer from adhering to them. "That's not how we do it" will not impress a judge or stand up in court. Providing job descriptions, handbooks and policy/procedure manuals are just some of the tools that may protect you in the event of an audit or a lawsuit. Details like having the wrong or missing information in a file can cost you $1000.00 per employee!

THEHRDEPARTMENT, LLC will help you identify the vulnerabilities in your business and help you address them as quickly and affordably as possible.

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