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THEHRDEPARTMENT, LLC was created with the knowledge that what small businesses do not know can very seriously hurt them. We provide specialized services in an a-la-carte format which allows you, the business owner, to prioritize your needs and address them at your pace. Your company will benefit from the focused and strategic support of a Society for Human Resources certified generalist.

In today's economy many employers feel that they can not afford an HR department. They believe that because HR departments do not generate revenue they are not critical to the business. While an HR department will not add to the bottom line, without one you can lose everything in one lawsuit or suffer major fines over simple oversights.

Our unique approach to consulting allows even the smallest company the same opportunities as a Fortune 500 company. We will work with you to find your greatest vulnerabilities and help you address them at your own speed. Your company will minimize its risks to lawsuits and labor and employment claims while creating a better work environment. We are sure you will become an employer of choice within your industry and look forward to strengthening your business model. Whether you have an employee issue right now that you feel unprepared to handle or you are already being sued THEHRDEPARTMENT, LLC can help. THEHRDEPARTMENT, LLC along with its team of specialists, is prepared to assist you through even the toughest challenges.

About Amy Salerno, President

Amy Salerno, the founder and president, is certified by the Society for Human Resource Management as an HR Generalist, and is a member of SHRM and HR/NY. She created THEHRDEPARTMENT, LLC after working with numerous small companies that wanted to bring their businesses to the next level. They lacked the knowledge and structure of larger sized businesses and were not able to navigate the web of laws that exist to help them and their employees be successful.

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